The Eyes in the Heat – Florida

YES. To the music that is. Video = meh, Audio = yeh!

“An electrifying vivid collation barely skims the surface of The Eyes in The Heat’s debut album. Program Me, is a roller coaster ride of post punk, electro beats punctuated with blues riffs and avant-garde pop pizazz. The London-based duo have gigged Paris and Berlin to capture an innovative, techno-psychedelic sound that’s prime for 2013. The entrancing incantations of vocalist/artist Zizi Kanan, combined with the sinuous electronic pulsations of techno producer and DJ Oliver Ho, creates a hauntingly nostalgic album. Ahead of their forthcoming single ‘Florida’, they talk to us about ski-diving, Kraut-Rock, Jackson Pollock and give us an exclusive look at their new video.” — Dazed Digital


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